Top Well Paying Sports Jobs

These top well-paying sports jobs offer a lifetime of combining your sports passion with earning potential.

Are you looking for a well-paying, long-term career in sports without getting physical or injured? Do you love sports, travel, and a fast paced environment? Whether you are just starting out or looking for a career change, there are many jobs available other being a player.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), jobs in the sports industry are to increase by 29% between 2010 and 2020. This growth is among the fastest of any occupations.

The sports industry has shown a steady expansion of 3% over the last five years. Projections show this will accelerate. The sports industry predicts a 4.8% annual growth over the next five years from $53.6 billion to $67.7 billion in 2017. The increases are in media, management, administration, human resources, and online content professions.



US market research demonstrates rising employment due to consumer popularity of team sports, gymnastics, martial arts, professional sports, swimming, golf, in-line skate, skiing, snowboarding, extreme sports, tennis, and more.

Before jumping into a career choice consider the following. Take a personal skills and interest inventory. Most of us will be doing our job for a long time. Make sure you love what you do most of the time! Some factors to discuss are

• Resources
• Education
• Experience
• License
• Motivation
• Passion
• Expertise
• Adaptability


Remember, you must love the game of your choice and have fun!

Keeping all that in mind here are some well-paying jobs that will use all of your mental and physical talents. Before taking the plunge, start out locally as a volunteer. See if you enjoy it. There are many local leagues, stadiums, media internships, and venues to consider.



If you enjoy solving problems, multi-tasking and adapt easily to changing situations, you may enjoy management. Opportunities are available in the media, stadium, and sports team’s settings. They usually need a Bachelor’s degree and entry-level experience to move up. It is important to find a niche you like, whether overseeing coaches and players or writing marketing and public relations materials.

Position and average salary:

• Amateur Sports Team Managers $50,000+
• Marketing Research Analysts $67,000+
• Media Communication Managers $87,000+
• Sales Managers $117,000+
• Sports Marketing Managers $127,000+
• Senior Sales and Marketing Leadership $150,000+
• Professional Sports Team Managers $200,000+


If you like health, mind and body connections, then consider these options. They will also translate to secure local employment when you no longer wish to travel. This sector has a projected growth of 39% by 2020. As they involve higher education, start by looking at an undergraduate program at a local college. It then moves on to getting various specialty degrees and board certification and licensure. The length of time depends on the career path. These careers have many variations including private practice, group practice, and working with each athlete. Make sure you are comfortable seeing severe injuries, teaching people how to move their bodies, eating health, education, and positive behaviors and goal setting.

Position and average salary:

• Dietitian $57,000+
• Sports Medicine Nurse $70,000+
• Sports Psychologist $73,000+
• Physical Therapist $76,000+
• Sports Medicine Physician $200,000+


In any industry, we do not have anything without the P’s: product, price, promotion, place, planning, packaging, positioning, and perception. There is a huge off-the-field team that collaborates, comes together, and achieves goals so that fans have fun. People need to recruit talent, negotiate contracts, compile statistics, deliver first aid, and work miracles. These behind-the-scenes, unsung heroes make sure the show must go on! Many need a formal education including Bachelors to a Master’s degree.

Position and average salary:

Referee $25,000+
Groundskeeper $28,000+
Sports Scout $30,000+
Broadcaster $36,000+
Players Assistants $40,000+
Broadcast Engineer $42,000+
Athletic Trainer $45,000+
College/ Major league assistant $46,500+
Gym Teacher $50,400+
Human Resources Associate $58,000+
College Coach $64,000+
Head Coach $70,000+
Statistician $72,000+
Sports Agent $88,000 plus 4% of client’s salary
Professional Athletic Coaches $1M+
National Level Broadcaster $1M+


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