Brazil to require US travelers to have $2,000 for visa starting April 10

If you're looking to travel to Brazil, you need to make sure you have the money in your bank account before the country will allow you in the door.
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Panoramic view of the Statue of Christ the Redeemer of... / Frank Bienewald/GettyImages

There are changes on the way for US travelers looking to go to Brazil. Starting April 10, 2024, the country now demands that travelers from the United States must have a visa for all reasons. One of the biggest changes that caused the most alarm and headlines is that now travelers must show access to at least $2,000 before being allowed to enter the country.

The change to requiring financial proof was a shock to many, but not something entirely new. Travelers can show the $2,000 with a bank statement, or credit card statement, along with proof of income. This is not a typical requirement for travel, but several countries hold the right to refuse entry to those who cannot prove they have access to funds.

Many have seen the stories on social media of travelers taking to the skies to visit Brazil, then something happens and they are stuck in the country without access to return home. While millions may chuckle at the situation these travelers find themselves in, the country is taking these steps to avoid the issue before the traveler can even enter their boundaries.

Brazil is a popular destination for millions of people each year. If you’re planning a trip there after April 10, be sure that the money is in your account because, without it, your trip is over before it starts. For more information about Brazil’s visa requirements, view the dedicated website.

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