Three travel destinations to avoid the cold weather

Summer 2023 is over. Put away the warm weather clothes and get ready for fall and then the winter. But that doesn't have to deter your travel plans as these are three destinations that can help you avoid the cold weather.
Mexico Extends Restrictions as Number of Coronavirus Cases Grow Rapidly
Mexico Extends Restrictions as Number of Coronavirus Cases Grow Rapidly / Medios y Media/GettyImages

It’s official. Summer 2023 is over. Seasonal depression is a real thing and with the shorter and colder days, many are going to spend hours daydreaming of somewhere warm. But what if you could get to those locations? These are three travel destinations for anyone looking to avoid the colder months as we inch toward Spring 2024.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen is a popular beach resort in Mexico, and that alone is enough to make this a great destination for someone looking to escape the winter. If you want to go to Mexico, but avoid the heavy party city nature of Cancun, Playa del Carmen is a great option. Yes, there are several nightclubs in the area, but if you want to avoid that and find other ways to enjoy your time – there are several here worth a visit. Travel to Mexico is also a bit cheaper when compared to some other locales in the world and within the United States itself. With it being closer to the United States, it is also a destination that could be “easier” for those not too experienced with international travel.

Bali, Indonesia

There are several popular resorts worth your visit in Bali, Indonesia. Bali is one of those destinations that is certainly postcard-beautiful, with several different attractions that would shine on any social media platform. Couple that with its surprising affordability, and it’s a spot that becomes more attractive immediately. It has a moderately warm climate and can be a good escape for the time of the year when the winter can become unbearable. If you’re thinking about hitting Bali, some locations that are worth your time include Seminyak, Ubub, and Canggu.

Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World, Florida

Walt Disney World in Florida is a great warm-weather location for those who want to stay within the United States when things get cold. But that desire comes at a cost, because this location has the potential to be the most expensive option, especially if you are traveling with kids. Yes, you get all the allure and attractions of Walt Disney World, but you also get them at the inflated prices that are running rampant in the travel industry today. This is also a great option for the family of travelers looking for a place where they can take their children. Just be ready to pay a high cost during your stay.

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