Top three Las Vegas pool parties to visit, 2023 edition

Pool season is a big time of the year in Las Vegas and these are the top three venues you must visit in 2023.
Drai's Beach Club, the pool party at The Cromwell hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, filled up early on
Drai's Beach Club, the pool party at The Cromwell hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, filled up early on / Dawn Gilbertson / USA TODAY NETWORK

Las Vegas, Nevada is a major party destination for not only the United States but in the world. Throughout there year, there are several important attractions throughout the city that draw in the masses. Pool season is one of those reasons to come to Vegas, and there are a variety of options to choose from. When looking at all the stellar pool parties throughout the city, these are three that should be at the top of your must-visit list in 2023.

Drai’s Beach Club

Drai’s Beach Club may be the current kingpin of Vegas pool parties. Many of the biggest acts in music show up to this venue not only to perform but party their days and nights away as well. If you love Hip Hop and are looking for a club that plays mostly that music, then again Drai’s will be at the top of your list. This venue feels more like a concert venue, but that’s another reason to make this location a spot worth visiting.

There are multiple pools to enjoy. Both a general pool and those that are in VIP sections for those looking to pick up tables. The dress code requires beach attire, with some casual clothing accepted. Entry can be a bit difficult as ticket prices rise depending on the act, and table service starts at $1,500 minimum. Whether it’s day or night, Drai’s is one of the best venues in Las Vegas.

Daylight Beach Club

Daylight Beach Club is a great venue if you’re looking for a fun party, but do not want to pay some of the higher price requirements of other locations. Daylight is certainly a lot cheaper than other party spots in Las Vegas. For example, table service can start at $300 to $400 compared to the $1,000 minimum at other popular venues.

The music is mostly EDM at Daylight Beach Club with some popular acts frequently coming through to put on shows. The venue can quickly get packed both in and outside the pool. Daylight Beach Club can certainly be an introduction of sorts to the summer party life in Las Vegas, with its affordability being one of the biggest attractions.

Elia Beach

Located at the Virgin Hotel, Elia Beach Club has a different vibe from many of the other options you’ll find in Las Vegas. This isn’t a big-time party location like the other clubs on this list. Instead, it has more of a low-key nature to it, which is perfect if you’re looking to still dance and celebrate without the full-blown shenanigans at bigger venues. It even features a manufactured beach that leads into the pool.

While in attendance you can order both daybed and cabana reservations, and you can also get pampered with a massage which is excellent for those looking to relax a bit. The food menu is also strong, offering several different lunch options, along with mixed drinks, wines, and beer. If you’re looking for a fantastic location without all the wild action of other pools, Elia Beach is the spot for you.

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