Three must-attend festivals for music fans

Music festivals are a celebration of the art. These are three stand out examples of the most important music festivals to visit each year.
Ultra Music Festival 2018
Ultra Music Festival 2018 / Sergi Alexander/GettyImages

Music is an important part of society and an identifier for cultures throughout the world. Music festivals have become giant celebrations for all aspects of music, and there is a variety to choose from. Regardless of what type of music sits at the top of your heart, there’s a festival for you. If you consider yourself a connoisseur of festivals, these three must be on your list.

Roots Picnic

Roots Picnic is a homage to Hip Hop and one of the best annual events in the United States that does so. Each year, this showcase brings out some of the best names in the genre, along with new acts that are looking to break through to the masses. The festival is held annually in Philadelphia, the hometown of the group it’s named after. It originally started as a one-day event in 2008 but has since expanded to cover three days. Roots Picnic has since expanded to not only include musical acts, but comedy and podcast content that covers important topics in Black news and culture.

Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Music Festival is approaching its 25th anniversary in 2024. In those years it has become one of the most important music festivals for those that enjoy electronic dance music, but also branching out to feature more artists across genres like Hip Hop as well.

Ultra is held annually in Miami, Florida, with Bayfront Park as the main location with some variations throughout time. Not only is this a massive party in Florida, but international versions of the festival have spawned in major countries throughout the world. Ultra Music Festival continues to grow each year, with recent numbers exceeding 60,000 music lovers in attendance.


What started as a music festival, SXSW is now one of the most important entertainment conferences in North America. Held in Austin, Texas, this has become the biggest revenue-producing event for the city. SXSW started as a music event back in 1987, now it holds divisions in interactive and film as well. Held across three weeks, recent attendance figures surpass 200,000 in total.

Music is a key part of SXSW in a variety of ways. Of course, there are musical acts featured throughout the event, with recent tabulations claiming more than 2,000 different acts each year. But there are professional panels, networking opportunities, and discussions around key aspects of the industry. SXSW is not only a showcase for those that love to perform music, but also for those looking to grow in the space professionally.