Five essential items for the frequent traveler

Learning tips and tricks as a frequent traveler goes a long way in making your excursion more enjoyable. These are five items that should be a part of your travel toolkit.
Passenger Luggage At JFK International Airport
Passenger Luggage At JFK International Airport / Robert Nickelsberg/GettyImages

As said many times on Local POV, travel should remove stress, not add to it. While cancellations, difficult friends, and surging prices will always be a part of the equation, smart travelers should consistently find a way to remove stressful issues before they arise. One way to do so is to build your traveling toolkit to include the items that will make your trip smoother from start to finish.

Travel Bag/Carry On

This is the first dual entry on the list because both items play an important role in traveling successfully. Everyone knows the challenges of trying to pack a carry-on and personal item so you can avoid checked bag fees. There are several options for both carry-on luggage and bookbags that can double as travel bags. With the addition of several new components, adjustable wheels, and even the ability to charge your phone with some travel bags, selecting the right one will go a long way in making your travel start off right.

Neck Pillow

Finding a way to sleep comfortably on an airplane should be an Olympic Sport. It’s difficult to a point where it almost seems intentional. In fact, because capitalism would rather cram as many people on a flight as possible regardless of comfort, it probably is the case. But the advent of the neck pillow goes a long way in helping that issue. The cushioning for your neck allows you to deal with the contortions of sitting in chairs of various sizes. It’s imperative for long flights when you are bound to doze off. Pair this with some good headphones to block out noise and a weighted eye cover and you’re much closer to getting decent sleep on a flight.

Toiletry Bag & Kit

Wherever you go, hygiene is a must. Finding the right toiletry bag and kit goes a long way toward making sure you have all the items you need to keep up your daily routine. While your daily process may vary, there are some basic items everyone can expect to have. Find a toiletry bag that has holders/sections for easy and secure packing, but also folds together in a compact fashion so it can fit in your luggage without demanding a lot of space.


Whether you’re trying to listen to music, watch your favorite television shows, or block out the sound around you, quality headphones go a long way to having a successful trip. The debate about over-the-ear versus earbuds will rage over time, but the main point is to purchase the style that best fits you. Not only comfort, but quality of sound, noise cancellation, and battery life should all factor into the pair that you decide to purchase.

Portable Door Lock

Convenience and comfort are two big themes featured throughout this piece, but safety also has an important place when thinking about traveling. Purchase a portable lock that fits in your hotel or Airbnb to give you an added level of security. Do not trust the locks on the rooms, especially since you know there are other keys floating around. Take this extra step to always protect yourself.

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