Travel Hack: Book with the hotel directly

Booking with travel platforms may seem like a good idea, but going directly through the hotel has fantastic benefits you don't want to miss.
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Urban skyline at night point of view from the Biscayne bay... / Roberto Machado Noa/GettyImages

Everyone likes to save money. That feeling grows when you find a way to save money on travel. The idea of getting a “deal” comes with an added boost of adrenaline on top of the fact that you’re going on a vacation. But here’s a travel hack that many people miss out on. Instead of booking with travel platforms like Expedia, take a moment to book directly with the venue itself – you’ll be surprised at what comes your way.

There are so many different booking platforms for both the frequent and new traveler. They look like an attractive alternative to the high fees that are expected when getting a room for a few nights. But what they don’t tell you is that you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities to enhance both this experience and those travel experiences to come.

If you are a frequent traveler, it’s imperative that you book directly with your favorite hotel. Take the time to set up an account with their membership rewards program. Every time you stay in their venue, you’ll accrue points that can help you get perks that can include discounts or free rooms. Many hotels are beginning to offer discounted prices for booking directly through their website, rather than using the platforms found online or in mobile apps. Even better, some are willing to match the prices that you find on those apps, eliminating the point of using them at the end.

Hotels are also going above and beyond with offering additional amenities like free Wi-Fi, room preferences, and the opportunity to upgrade during your stay.

Another reason to book directly with the hotel venue is to avoid issues upon your arrival. While rare, there are known instances of travelers arriving at a hotel with their reservation confirmation in hand, just to find out the platform and the hotel didn’t communicate about the accommodation. That is a headache that can ruin both the start and end of your vacation, that you can avoid simply by going through the hotel.

Travel should be an enjoyment from the moment you hit the payment confirmation. Finding deals aren’t as hard as you think they are to find. One of the most overlooked tips is to book directly through the hotel rather than using the various platforms found throughout the Internet.

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