Three party destinations for international travelers

Traveling around the world for the party life is a popular past time and these are three destinations that should be on any person's travel list.
Dusk Over Barcelona Amidst The Coronavirus Pandemic
Dusk Over Barcelona Amidst The Coronavirus Pandemic / David Ramos/GettyImages

Everyone travels for their own reasons. One such is the thrill of partying in a new city or country. The United States has several party destinations like Miami or Las Vegas, but they aren’t the only places to seek out throughout the world. This piece looks at three destinations outside the United States that travelers who like to party should add to the top of their list.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is quite a party city if you can hang. Make sure to take a nap and eat late, because the nightlife in Spain doesn’t get started until well after midnight. If you’re looking for the beach life and want to enjoy that area, then there’s more than enough in Barcelona to fit that lifestyle. You can also hop over to Tuset Street which features the most popular night clubs in the city. There are several different venues worth your time, with some catering to younger crowds and a few options for those looking for a more low-key affair. Barcelona features something for everyone.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is certainly a party destination for travelers of all generations, catering more toward those who can afford expensive experiences. There are several different venues to enjoy, such as beer gardens, karaoke bars, museums that feature night events, and many more. Tokyo is also home to several massive nightclubs that stay open late every day of the week. Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Roppongi are three districts that boast a setting akin to Times Square with bright lights, sounds, and more for anyone looking to party the night away.

Cancun, Mexico

Everyone has heard about the spring breaks or summer vacation trips to Cancun, Mexico. Social media is filled with stories about shenanigans and wild nights that go down in Cancun. It’s a major beach city in Mexico, one that features several beach resorts and bustling, lively nightlife. It’s a popular destination for students, so it’s one that caters to younger travelers, which is an important note for the older generation that still likes to go out on the town. There’s an area in Cancun that is known exclusively as the “Party Zone,” which denotes exactly what type of attractions exist, all within walking distance.

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