Southwest is the best budget airline for travelers looking to save

If you're trying to take to the air without spending a large amount of money, Southwest airlines is the group you should pick every time.
A Southwest Airlines plane prepares to depart from a gate at...
A Southwest Airlines plane prepares to depart from a gate at... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Whenever travelers are planning their next trip, one of the first and trickiest steps is finding a flight that is cost effective. Airlines are looking for ways to present their ticket prices as affordable and valuable, but customers are seeing through the games. When looking at everything involved in the sticker price, Southwest stands out as the best budget airline for all customers. 

Southwest is the perfect option for travelers looking to hit the skies without beating up their pockets. The airline travels to 103 cities, both within the United States and international destinations

The big kicker that makes Southwest such a value is that this airline offers two checked bags for free, along with one carry-on and a personal item. As many airlines are seemingly looking for ways to push customers into paying for their luggage every step of the way, Southwest continues to earn high marks by doing just the opposite. 

Another benefit to flying Southwest is the ability to change flights free of cost. If you’re looking to extend your stay or need to head out on a different date, then Southwest allows you to do so without having to pay an exuberant fee. 

There is one area in which some may dislike about Southwest and that’s the lack of assigned seating. Seats are first come, first serve. Boarding order is determined by the time you check in to your flight. So this puts the onus on the traveler to make sure you check in early and find the seats that suit you best. Some enjoy this benefit of Southwest while some consider this a bit of disorganization. 

If you’re planning to travel in 2024 and looking for an airline that will not cut too deep into your pockets, Southwest is the way to go. You’ll get to your destination without having to spend a lot on the tickets, exactly how it should be every time. 

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