Never break these three rules while traveling on an airplane

There are rules to existing in a society. And those rules transfer over to traveling by airplane. Do not break any of these rules when you are traveling among the masses.
An Air Transat plane arrives at Marseille Provence Airport...
An Air Transat plane arrives at Marseille Provence Airport... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Airline travel should be an easy experience, but there are so many ways that things can quickly go left. One is due to those unruly travelers who seem to forget there are other passengers on the train. Just as within every other aspect of society, there are airplane etiquette rules that must be followed. While no one teaches these ways to be a nice travel mate, take a moment to familiarize yourself with these rules so you don’t become “that” guy or girl.

Asking someone to switch seats

You may think it is not much of an issue to ask someone to switch seats. You’re all on the same plane and will get to the destination at the same time, regardless of where you’re sitting. However, it’s a simple act of selfishness that you can avoid. Do not inconvenience someone by asking them to change seats just so you can sit beside a friend or a loved one. Even if you are in the same row, don’t think you can get someone to give you the window seat just because you’re being nice. No, you’re being rude. Now sit in the seat you paid to use.

Using both armrests

This rule is for those who sit in the middle aisle seats. Don’t be that person who attempts to take both armrests. Yes, it may seem like a normal idea that the person in the middle should get two armrests, widely because this may be the least-desirable seat. But bullying your way to both armrests isn’t the best way to go. Instead, try asking your aisle mates if they don’t mind. That will go a long way in making the flight more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Taking off your shoes and socks

This is perhaps the worst offense of them all. When flying, do not – repeat – do not take off your shoes and socks. Yes, everyone wants to be comfortable. If you’re wearing sandals or slides, it makes sense to slip them off with ease, but make sure you do the proper hygiene before the flight to ensure that all bodily odors are contained. It is beyond reprehensible to be barefoot on a flight. Some airlines even look at that transgression as enough reason to remove you from the flight entirely. Do not risk it. Keep your shoes and socks on at all times.

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