Three international destinations to visit in 2024

International travel is a big attraction for many jet-setters and these are three locations that should be on your list as you prep your 2024 travel plan.
Colombia Experiences Tourism Boom in Cartagena
Colombia Experiences Tourism Boom in Cartagena / Jan Sochor/GettyImages

It’s a new year and that means new travel planning. Millions are putting together their dream travel itineraries and making plans for where they’d like to go in the next twelve months. If you like to get your passport stamped any time you step off an airplane, these are three destinations outside the United States that should be at the top of your list to visit in 2024.

Cartagena, Colombia

Colombia is a highly sought-after getaway for many throughout the world. Located on the country’s Caribbean coast, Cartegena has become an attraction both for what can be found within the city’s walls and just outside of it.

Travelers can find beautiful amenities that look like scenes from some of their favorite movies, all at a cost that makes this place accessible to even the most budget-cautious traveler. Other major areas are being built up to better accommodate those who look to travel in style. Cartegena also has a bustling nightlife with several bars, nightclubs, and an amazing dining scene for the foodie traveler. This is a great spot to add to your international list for a few days and nights.

Merida, Mexico

Mexico remains a popular destination south of the border. But Merida is a newer location that travelers are beginning to find. This place has a diverse set of attractions, ranging from Mayan ruins, amazing nature, an “old town” feel, and much more. Modern chain hotels don’t clutter up the city, as many are still transfigured mansions and other old buildings in the area. And the food scene in Merida is amazing, with so much local cuisine to pick from.

Merida is also a very LGBTQ-friendly destination, which is important for people looking for areas where they will be safe around the world. This is a great destination to add to your list, especially if you are planning to hit either Cancun or Tulum which are both nearby.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand is another one of those cities that was popular among travelers but has seen a resurgence of late. This is another destination that features a great mix of natural attractions, bustling cities, and fantastic cuisine – all at a low cost making it more accessible than some places. Thailand is also becoming a place where travelers are going to “find themselves,” making it a destination for those who want to unwind and disconnect from the hustle of daily life.

As you plan where you’d like to go this year, these are three places that would be great to have on your list. International travel is a delight so make it a point to indulge as much as you can while traveling the world.

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