Three travel trends to follow in 2024

Major trends in travel fluctuate each year and the same is true about 2024. These are some of the top trends to watch for as 2024 inches closer.

About 700 locals celebrated Labor Day on Peanut Island, Monday September 4, 2023 in Riviera Beach.
About 700 locals celebrated Labor Day on Peanut Island, Monday September 4, 2023 in Riviera Beach. / Jennifer Lett / USA TODAY NETWORK

Traveling remains one of society’s most popular hobbies. Going to new lands, making connections, and experiencing different cultures stand out as some of the reasons millions of people around the world enjoy all the stresses that can come with travel. Travel trends continue to change each year and the same could be said heading into 2024. These are three trends to look forward to in 2024.

Using AI to help travel plan

Generative AI continues to find new ways to impact our lives. While the platforms themselves aren’t new, seeing them pop up in different industries continues to be the norm. The same could be said about travel, as AI finds ways to impact different aspects of traveling.

AI can be used to help plan your trip. While some enjoy the practice of researching new locations and making arrangements, AI tools can help cut into that time or nearly relieve the stress entirely. This comes into play when it is time to make reservations or book parts of the trip. However, it is important to give the outputs a good review because AI is far from perfect.

Eating like locals

Fine dining while traveling is a big deal. The restaurant industry is a major part of traveling, eating in different places throughout the world opens you up to take in new cuisine. But many are moving away from that practice, instead taking the time to find local establishments to enjoy. In many major cities and destinations, local restaurants have the same potential for a great meal without the cost that can come with famous restaurants.

One way to learn more about the best places to visit is to ask locals in the cities you visit. With so many people around there are certainly individuals that can point you toward restaurants that are great options for your trip.

The Celebration Vacation

Everyone knows about the destination marriage ceremony, but there are several other reasons to hit the road or the sky. The celebration vacation is becoming a big trend. Travelers are making time to go and celebrate major milestones in their lives. New jobs, buying a new home, and graduating from college are some of the examples that reason make it a point to travel. There are so many different reasons to celebrate life, traveling with a group of family and friends – or even going by yourself – is a great way to commemorate that moment.

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