Major cities to visit for the foodie traveler

The terraces by the bay are popular with tourists in summer...
The terraces by the bay are popular with tourists in summer... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

The spring and summer seasons are perfect for travel, and with the 2023 travel season under way, expectations are that millions will get back on the road or in the air. People travel for a variety of reasons including education, celebration, parties, family, and many more. But what about those that travel frequently to satisfy their foodie kick? What cities should be on their radar this year? Let’s tackle that question and look at some major cities that food travelers should look to hit this season.

New York City, New York

The term “melting pot” is perfect when talking about the food options available in New York City, New York. This city has potentially everything you could think to put in your mouth, all within its 300-square mile layout. Chinese? Got it. Latin American cuisine? Greek? That’s here too. Traveling through the boroughs of the city will unlock a variety of options for small, “mom-and-pop” restaurants. But don’t forget about the big players in the city as well, thanks to the several award-winning establishments in town. New York City should be on any person’s list looking to enjoy the best food available in the United States.

New Orleans, Louisiana

As a city, New Orleans is a diverse landscape of cultures mixed through the generations. That diversity shows up through the languages, music, practices, and food. People familiar with New Orleans cuisine know about the Po’ Boys, gumbo, and jambalaya. But there’s nothing like experiencing it from the city itself. Don’t come just to walk down the strip but make it a point to take in all the food and drink possible.

Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas may be a sleeper pick on this list. Yes, Texas features a wide range of food culture, mostly mixing in the Latin American flare thanks to the close neighbor of Mexico. But the food culture of Houston does not end there, as there are several other diverse peoples found that have brought their own food practices into this beautiful city. Don’t be surprised when you find well-loved Vietnamese or African restaurants in Houston. There’s certainly something for everyone in Texas.

Chicago, Illinois

Don’t argue about pizza if you’re not going to include Chicago in the discussion. The deep-dish pies are a unique take on pizza, but one that deserves consideration when discussing the best variation in the United States. Chicago also has a different take on hot dogs and sausages. If you’re a fan of red hots then Jimmy Red Hots is a spot that should be on your list of must-hit restaurants in this area. There are also many different award-winning restaurants with famed chefs in this major city, so make sure you give those locations a stop as well.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is a beautiful city, known for its growth of technology, but its also a bastion of food lovers looking to take in some great meals. San Francisco is one of the most restaurant-dense cities in the entire country. Being a city on the bay makes it easy to see that seafood is a major option in the area, but it’s not the only one for those looking to diversify their palate. Many different types of cuisine are available in this city, including the many different Asian cultures that have inspired multiple restaurants. San Francisco is certainly a major city you should visit if you’re looking to enjoy good food while traveling.