Take advantage of Travel Tuesday to book your dream trips

Travel Tuesday is on November 28, 2023 and avid travelers should make it a point to take advantage of all the deals coming from well-known vendors.

Travelers walk towards the entrance at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix on Nov.
Travelers walk towards the entrance at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix on Nov. / Diannie Chavez/The Republic / USA TODAY

The busiest travel day of the year is quickly approaching. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving kicks off a packed few weeks of travel, where millions are moving around for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. While that is certainly a lot of money to spend to go to your favorite places, there’s a secret weapon you should take advantage of, and that’s Travel Tuesday.

You may not have heard of Travel Tuesday, but it comes at the end of the spending spree that kicks off the rush to buy all the best gifts for Christmas. This is a little-known date that comes on the Tuesday after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Just like those other days, there are major deals to be snagged. This is the day when you can pick up deals for travel-related purchases such as tickets for cruises, resort visits, or trips with tour companies.

Several major companies are involved with Travel Tuesday and offer up special deals right at your fingertips. The list includes Booking.com, St. Lucia Hotels, Hopper, and Faredrop. Use this as a chance to plan much of your booking for 2024, getting important tickets at cheaper rates than expected. This is especially pivotal when getting discounted flights, as those prices continue to climb for indiscriminate reasons.

When searching for price deals, use options like price alerts for notifications when flights are dropping to “super-saver” levels. Also pay attention to restrictions around the dates you can travel, being flexible with your options will go a long way in helping you save money. Also, check the cancellation and change policies for anything you buy to avoid being locked into situations. Break out all the tips of the trade to save money on travel and put them to use to make sure you get the most out of your dollar.

Travel Tuesday 2023 is set for Tuesday, November 28. This is a chance to plan out some of your travel for next year and save money along the way. The deals don’t end on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, and now you can book that getaway that has always been on your mind.

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