Cattlemens Steakhouse Review

In the mood for steak? Check out Cattlemens Steakhouse in Sacramento.

With a name like Cattlemens Steakhouse, I expect great steak. When Valentine’s day rolled around, I thought it was a great time to take my wife and I out to dinner. This is a place we have eaten at a few times, but both instances were with family, and we were in agreement that it was time for ourselves.

Because of Valentines Day, Cattlemens was packed at 7:30 in the evening.  We did not have reservations but were told politely that the bar was open and it would be a two-hour wait. When we took our seats my first reaction was to look around at the setting.

The scenery was right on with what you may think is a cowboy showroom bar. The piano, grand mirror, old furnish furniture. Straight out of a movie, even a couple of wagon wheels were nicely on display.

Not too shortly after gathering our seats at the bar, the bartender nicely took our order. She asked if we would like anything and we agreed to a couple of cokes and what they call a Moon Cheese sticks. They tasted good, shape like a half moon, and bigger than I thought. Even though we hadn’t taken our table yet, I was happy to wait the two hours.

Dinner Time

Two hours later, our pager went off and we were greeted by our hostess and she brought us to our table. The big question was that we hadn’t paid for the appetizers and the drinks, but they took care of everything and didn’t require us to go back and pay. We would also be pleased with our waiter.

One of the major things I take notice too is refilling of my drinks and if the waiter has good timing. He had both. Bonus and always a requirement is a pleasant attitude. He delivered. We both made the decision that Filet Mignon and Lobster Tail was the right choice for us.

We were given a side salad, cup of soup, and fresh Sourdough bread to go with our meal. The bread was warm and never ending, and had a marvelous taste to it.

Our waiter was very kind throughout the night and always made sure we had what we needed. He knew when to bring over our refills, and wouldn’t interrupt our conversation. He also would talk with us, but also knew when we wanted to be alone. Then our meal.

I thought the Filet Mignon was showing too much red. I enjoy my selection of beef to be medium rare and this was leaning more to the rare side. It wasn’t enough to complain about and it was flavorful enough for my enjoyment. The Lobster tail was not very chewy as some can be and did not carry along the innards taste as some do as well.

Another thing I took notice of was how each table had their own little objects at Cattlemens. Example, where we sat, we had cowboy figurines on top of our table. While each other station had different types of figurines.