Nickelodeon SlimeFest Festival Coming To United States

After success in the UK and Australia popular kids’ brand Nickelodeon is bringing its “Nickelodeon SlimeFest” festival to the United States in 2018.

Kids and families will soon be able to attend Nickelodeon SlimeFest. The kids and young adults’ TV channel announced this week that it’s bringing the multi-day festival to the United States after its successful runs abroad.

SlimeFest was launched as an Australian music and entertainment festival for younger audiences in 2012. Stars like singer and The Voice Australia coach Delta Goodrem have performed at shows past, and as the brand grew, Nickelodeon expanded it to include additional events in Italy, Spain, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

But despite Nickelodeon being an American company it’s never been in the U.S. until now. The network has had other big events – like its annual Kids’ Choice Awards and its slime-filled event at the Super Bowl – yet not SlimeFest. Well, that’s finally going to change in 2018.

The company did not say specifically when or even which city SlimeFest will take place in, but one possibility could be Orlando, which used to be home to Nickelodeon Studios (until 2005) and a Nick themed hotel (until 2016).

It would also be geographically attractive given Orlando’s reputation as a tourist and kid-friendly hotspot. With properties like Universal Studios Florida and Walt Disney World, a high number of families and tourists go to Orlando year-round, and that’s exactly the audience that SlimeFest will be targeting.

Another possibility is Los Angeles. The Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards are held around the L.A. area each year, while Nickelodeon Animation Studios is headquartered in Burbank. L.A. is also home to plenty of music and entertainment talent, which might make it easier to assemble a lineup of performers for the inaugural event.

We’ll find out who will be appearing at the inaugural SlimeFest and what ticket prices will be closer to 2018.

This is how Nickelodeon described SlimeFest in its press release:

The festival will feature performances by top recording artists, immersive one-of-a-kind experiences, Nickelodeon stars and characters, and plenty of the network’s signature green slime.

Here’s a video teaser from last fall’s Nickelodeon SlimeFest in Blackpool to give you a further idea of what audiences can expect when it hits America:

Would you be interested in attending Nickelodeon SlimeFest when it arrives in the United States next year? Until then, find family-friendly attractions throughout the country by visiting the Local POV homepage.