Treehouses aren’t just for kids at this breathtaking mountain Resort in North Carolina

Exploring Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Exploring Great Smoky Mountains National Park / George Rose/GettyImages

Have you ever dreamed of having an adult slumber party in a luxury treehouse? Look no further than North Carolina! North Carolina is one state that seems to have it all; from pristine beaches to thrill seeker’s rivers to breathtaking mountains, there truly is something for everyone in the state. Every year, people embark on summer road trips to find refuge away from the norm deep within the North Carolina mountains. The possibilities are endless, with the numerous parks and resorts offering vacation packages for solo, couple, and family travelers. You might not find anything as unique and quirky as staying at Rivers Edge Treehouses in Robbinsville, North Carolina. 

Reasons to Stay in a Whimsical Treehouse

It may be tough to imagine a treehouse as luxurious or glamorous, but these are far from the rickety shacks dangling from trees precariously like we all played in during our childhood. Though this may not be what some envision when they hear "resort," for many, this is better than any of the crowded and overpriced typical resorts. Summertime is a perfect time for friends, families, and solo travelers to head in search of relaxation with a side of adventure. Rivers Edge Treehouses won the Travelers Choice Award for Top 25 Hotels for Romance, which makes this a perfect getaway for couples looking to reignite a little romance. 

Upon arriving, it's customary to park your vehicle under your treehouse in the “garage,” and once inside the treehouse, you will find a fully stocked bathroom with eco-friendly and organic soaps, shampoos, and lotions. Each treehouse has a king-sized memory foam bed, heat and air conditioning, satellite TV and Wi-Fi, and a gas grill on the deck. There is also a common area great for having a little fun playing cornhole or horseshoes. There is also a trail that weaves through the forest as it guides you to the river. If you need some fishing gear, check with the main office, and they will make sure you’re all set up.

You Might Decide that Treehouses are Better than Log Cabins

Choosing to stay overnight in the mountains is a refreshing way to escape everyday life and get off the beaten path. The treehouses at Rivers Edge Treehouses on the Cheonoah River are affordable and have plenty to offer. If you are itching for an adventure while you’re there, check out Endless Rivers Adventure Company. They offer thrilling trips, whitewater rafting, and kayaking trips, or you can try your hand at fly fishing. For even more thrills, check out Nantahala Outdoor Center. Choose from ziplining, whitewater kayaking/rafting, hiking, and much more. Whether you choose to remain in the treehouse just enjoying the solitude or out on the river fighting Class IV - VI rapids, you will leave with many wonderful memories. As with any destination, it’s best to book your treehouse and activities in advance.