The New NFL Sunday Ticket Price is Shocking

NFL Sunday Ticket is now much higher.

Football on your phone? Maybe not much longer, with prices like this. If you are a subscriber to DirecTV and the NFL Sunday Ticket, hold on to your seats, scratch that, buckle yourself in for this! The Sunday Ticket will be raising their prices to a shocking new level of nearly 10 percent (9.3). It’s all part of the eight-year $12 billion dollar contract with the NFL.

The new contract was re-signed in 2014 when AT&T purchased DirecTV. This package allows viewers to watch any pro football game of their choosing. The deal pays an average of $1.5 billion per season to the NFL. DirecTV’s previous agreement averaged out to around $1 billion per season.

As each season passes, the higher the rates will rise.

From an economic standpoint, we all know about inflation. However, this is a significant jump from the 2.4 percent from last year. Subscribers will now pay $281.94, up from $257.94 last year for the slate of regular season games. In other words, you will be paying an extra $24 to watch football.

Make sure you subscribe before September 2nd because the cable network will charge you an additional 2.4 percent on top of the increase. Those that have been lifetime or long time subscribers, this hits hard. However, this isn’t the only up kick in pricing.

A couple of seasons ago DirecTV added another package to go along with the NFL Sunday Ticket called “Sunday Ticket Max.” This product will be going up another 5 percent increase a month. To have the full package which includes the NFL’s Red Zone Channel and the Fantasy Channel as well as the Sunday Ticket, it will cost you $377.94 for the season.

It will cost Cleveland Brown fans nearly $400 to try to improve on their one win 2016 season (1-15).

Even more price hikes from DirecTV

Unfortunately, this is all part of the cable company uptick in pricing across the board which started on January 22nd. Eight of the nine packages will rise from $2 to $6. In a memo to its customers, the company stated:

“Due to higher costs of programming, an adjustment in the price of our programming packages is necessary. New rates will be in effect on January 22, 2017,” AT&T said in a memo to customers.

The “Select” package, which includes over 145 channels and promotionally at $50 a month for one year, saw its regular price spike by $2. The “Choice” package, which bundles over 175 channels, went up by $4 a month. The most expensive “Preferred Xtra,” “Xtra,” “Ultimate” and Premier each went up by $6 a month.

As a subscriber to the separate Sports Package, your not immune to the increase. The Regional Sports Network (RSNs) also go up another $2.56 in select areas. The RSNs are cable networks that cover local or regional sports teams in both college and professional ranks. To check for your area click here

Note: DirecTV has been part of the NFL Sunday Ticket since 1994.

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