Exercise Worked Out: Do What You Love

Exercise is just a word.

We all have our own ideas about exercise. Each of us places a value and judgment that is unique. For some of us, it is a growing nightmare of pain and work. The word invokes pictures of training marathons, bodybuilding, and extreme practices in a gym.

Consider reframing exercise as fun! It can also be laid back, solo, and enjoyable. Picture a walk along poolside or through a park. The movement will tone and strengthen muscles, balance, and flexibility.

Find an exercise you love to do and is the best fit for the exceptional person you are. Consistency, two to three times a week of physical activity has a multitude of benefits. The elders knew this and have passed their knowledge forward.

Marcus Cicero, circa 65 BCE,“ It is exercise alone that supports the spirits and keeps the mind in vigor.”


Any safe bodily movement has an overall positive effect on health and fitness. Walking is pure and simple. It is done anywhere and at any intensity level. Whether an indoor person, outdoor, gym or home, group or solo the choices are endless. Treadmills, nature parks, neighborhood strolls, all are great for walking, jogging, running, biking, or dancing!

Some trending, simple movements include a recumbent stationary bicycle in the privacy of your home. Or if that is not for you, get up and go out in the fresh air on a local biking trail. Google your local bike and walking trails.

Squats are like sitting down without sitting down. They nudge the quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteal. One can hold on to a chair or counter for support. If your balance is in alignment then a free form squat is for you!

Taking a giant step forward completes a front lunge. Mix it up with side lunges and hold soup cans as weights in your hands for added amusement. There are many variations on military style push ups and crunches. Leaning push ups and bend overs work the chest muscles, shoulder, triceps and core muscles. They build strength in the upper arms and help overall health fitness.

Group Fitness

If a club, gym, or group is a better fit there are many national fitness organizations and studios. We can thank Jack LaLanne (1914 to 2011), the Godfather of Fitness, for making health fashionable. According to Health Club 2015 Report, consumers devote as mush as $58 per month on club memberships. They enjoy the environment, camaraderie, and group motivation.

For a crowd atmosphere, here are six organizations with workout programs nationwide.

BASECAMP is a basic, straightforward, demanding exercise routine. It is a modified Ultimate Fighting Championship program. Among the planks, squat jumps, burpees and sit-ups drills, they include mat workouts and weight training.

BODYROK has small classes that focus on yoga, cycle, strength, sculpting, and cardio elements.

CLASSPASS is a mobile app function established in 2011 that offers more than 8,500 gyms and studios in 39 cities.

CYCLEBAR was first launched in Boston in 2004. It now boasts 42 locations in the United States and offers powerful and extreme resistance biking. Their interior design theme resembles a night club. Party on!

ORANGE THEORY FITNESS has 570 franchise chain studios worldwide. They have programs that combine treadmills, rowers, push-ups, crunches and more for cardio and strengthening exercise. Heart rate and burned calories will be monitored, raising energy and metabolism!

SOULCYCLE began 2006 in Manhattan and has acquired 42% of the United States health fitness club marketplace, based on a 2014 International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association report. As their name implies, prepare to cycle.