How to Create A Special Place To Write A Book

Writing a book requires preparation and if you’re going to be writing your best, you’ll want to follow these tips.

When you think about writing a book, your first thought may not be that this task is a craft or DIY project. However, it truly is! Writing a book requires you to be creative. It also requires your thoughts and actions in order to make it happen just as any other craft or DIY project does. Here are some helpful tips on how to get started with your new, DIY writing project!

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How to Create a Special Place to Write Your Book

This concept is similar to many other areas of life. We sleep in a certain place, shower in a certain place, eat in a certain place and go to work in a certain place.

Choosing a special place to write your book is no different. By choosing a special place to write, it will create an atmosphere of creativity. Each time you head over to your “writing spot” you will be prepared to write and be ready to allow your creativity to flow. It will be your “special” place to work.

Playing music when you write can get you into a particular mindset. Try creating a CD filled with “writing music.” This music should be something calm, relaxing and uplifting.

Trying these new techniques may just push you into the next phase of your writing career!

Tips on creating your “special writing spot”

If you have a desktop computer:

  • Create a clean space: who likes to work in clutter?
  • Make sure that your wrists are comfortable as to avoid discomfort. Try to keep them as level with the keyboard as possible.
  • Invest in a good office chair. The straighter you can sit up, the better your back will feel.
  • Good lighting is also important: try adding a lamp to two to your room. Natural sunlight is always best if possible.

If you have laptop computer:

In addition to following the above tips:

  • Purchase a desk to set your computer on. Sitting with it in your lap on a chair or on the couch will ultimately give you back pain (from being hunched over).
  • If a desk is not in your budget, try a laptop stand. This will at least get the computer off of your lap and allow you to sit up straight.

Additional tips:

  • A rolling drawer cart is also helpful. You can keep your writing notebooks, pens, paper, sticky notes and writing magazines all contained to one place. Organization is key!
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