Addiction and Recovery Book Review: “Embrace Your Excellence” New Release

“Embrace Your Excellence” is an amazing new book release. It addresses addiction and recovery from the authentic and credible voice of people who are going through it.

“All the suffering, stress and addiction come from not realizing you already are what you are looking for.” ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

Addiction and recovery is scary.

All of a sudden one finds themselves or a loved one in the throes of the cycle of addiction, withdrawal, and recovery.  It can sneak up on people. Whether it is with pills, alcohol,  or behaviors people realize they are no longer in control.

A simple injury treated with opiate narcotics, hydrocodone, can turn into a life-long struggle with addiction. A physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual trauma a person experiences can turn toward using anything seeking relief.  Substances such as alcohol, diazepam, cocaine, nicotine, and caffeine are potential escapes. Hallucinogens, such as LSD or PCP offer god-like feelings. Damaging behaviors, such as money, debt, anger, games,  gambling, sex, bullying, intimidation, pornographic are addictions. All lead in a search to find relief from the pain body.

The feeling of power is bogus and fake.

The perceived peace is deceiving. It is brief and temporary.  Fear sets in as the pain continues.  The addiction has full power and dominion over their lives. It is a constant companion.

“Embrace Your Excellence ~ A Psychopharmacology Primer and Mirror to the Soul” is a new book. The book has the voices of addicts in recovery.  Composed with a simplicity and ease, the book conveys easy to understand coping strategies and more. The book covers substances of abuse, prescription and non-prescription drugs, behaviors, and recovery. In a casual, conversational style the book presents how drugs work. Additionally, their effects on the body, side effects, and short and long-term results on the brain.

As the title suggests this book is useful for people who wish to gain knowledge and understanding. The book is applicable in all environments. Whether it is in business, healthcare, psychopharmacology, self-education, self-discovery, the classroom, or as a reference.

“Embrace Your Excellence” is particularly helpful.

It is a concise, approachable, and comprehensive work. It guides readers through a recovery sketchbook.  It has genuine and sincere thoughts about Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-anon, and Narcotics Anonymous. In addition to cognitive behavior therapy, seeking safety, food addictions, Ayahuasca, and the principles of LifeRing.

Carl Jung said, “Eventually every form of addiction is destructive, no matter whether the narcotic is alcohol, morphine, or idealism.”

Finding one’s way back from addiction, whether involving a loved one or self, is a work in progress.  A  painter uses brush strokes to create his masterpiece. This is a book readers will use heart strokes to fulfill their life’s potential.


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