Best Spots For Brunch In North Park: Dunedin

One of North Park’s newest eateries, Dunedin, serves New Zealand-inspired cuisine in a treehouse-style atmosphere.

Not many people brunch as hard as San Diegans. Any given weekend, there are lines of people waiting for a table at their favorite brunch spots. Down 30th Street (past University, but before Upas), tucked away from the street a little bit by its foliage, is Dunedin. A must for dinner and a tasty option for brunch.

Dunedin is the sister restaurant to Queenstown Public House in Little Italy, which is equally charming. The North Park restaurant has an earthier vibe to it and deck and patio seating available. The decor and service here are two main reasons to dine. But, of course, the food has to be good. And, fortunately, Dunedin’s is consistently so.

On their brunch menu are a few unique items, which you won’t see many other places, if at all, such as the Kiwi Breakfast, which is a plate of scrambled eggs, English baked beans, sausage, roasted tomato, and potato. It’s hearty without making you feel disgustingly full.

Same with the Croque Madame, which could seem heavy, especially with the bechamel, but it works. Not that we were worried about ordering on the lighter side. We had started with the funnel cake after all. Because who doesn’t want the option of ordering fried dough for brunch?

Most of the dishes are meat-heavy, although, there is a Tomato & Burrata dish that’s vegetarian-friendly. Brunch here is served from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM and the good news two of my favorite items are available as well, if you’re not in the breakfast mood.

You have to try the fish and chips at least once (if not more). You’ll receive a massive piece of battered fish cooked to golden perfection paired with a heaping portion of fries. It’s one of their staple dishes here and for good reason.

The other go-to item is the Meso Tasty. Dunedin is also known for its variety of burgers. You can essentially order one with nearly any protein you choose. This “burger” is made with a grilled chicken breast, pineapple, swiss cheese, sweet chips, and red pepper aioli. Like the portion of fish and chips, the sandwich is quite large, but so delicious you’ll eat it in its entirety. Suggestion: add the sweet fries which are served with blue cheese (the only way you should ever eat them) and you’ll be more than satisfied. Even better, order several dishes to try and share them all. 

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