San Diego Padres Offer Tickets To Chargers Season Ticket Holders

The San Diego Padres are continuing to capitalize on the Chargers’ exodus to Los Angeles, offering Padres tickets to any Chargers season ticket holder.

Now that there’s only one major sports team in San Diego, the San Diego Padres are not wasting any time trying to snatch up as many fans as possible.

The Padres announced Monday that they are offering tickets to a free Padres game to every person who’s a Chargers season ticket holder.

The team has partnered up with Sycuan to give all ex-Bolts fans passes to one select Friars contest in April or May, equal to the number of Chargers season tickets that they currently have, so that they can attend Padres baseball. Interested fans can visit the Padres’ website and fill out their offer form.

Not only is this a canny marketing move by the Padres, but the verbiage they’ve used in their announcement of the promotion is pretty hilarious. Check it out:

Experience Padres Baseball in 2017! Sycuan is a long-time supporter of the San Diego community and our sports teams and firmly believes that loyalty matters!

To reward your loyalty, Sycuan teamed up with the Padres to buy every Chargers Season Ticket Member tickets to a Padres game in April or May so you can Experience Padres Baseball at Petco Park.

If you are a Chargers Member, enter your information to receive the same number of Padres tickets as your Chargers Membership, up to four (4) tickets.

These are only tickets to one game, not a straight-up season ticket swap, but it’s a start and the team is clearly hoping that Chargers fans get hooked and pick up a new set of season tickets to the team that’s still in town.

Monday’s news comes after the Padres revealed that they had joined forces with the city of San Diego and the remaining local sports franchises for a “Celebrate San Diego Rally” happening later this month.

That rally includes an opportunity for fans to exchange their Chargers merchandise for a voucher toward the purchase of San Diego Padres merchandise.

You have to hand it to the folks in the San Diego Padres’ marketing department. They saw a big opportunity in the Chargers’ decision to bolt for Los Angeles, and they are being shameless in capitalizing on it.

But if you’re one of those still annoyed ex-Charger fans at least you can get yourself tickets to something in San Diego this season, and it won’t cost you a dime.

Does the Padres’ new ticket offer interest you? Are you more inclined to go to a Padres game now that they’re the only game in town? Let us know in the comments, and for more happenings in the San Diego area, visit the San Diego section of Local POV here.

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