Why Cafe Virtuoso Is More Than Your Average Cup of Joe

Barrio Logan’s Cafe Virtuoso raises the bar for coffee culture in San Diego.

Cafe Virtuoso sits on an unassuming street in a slowly blossoming neighborhood in San Diego. The bright spot in Barrio Logan is a favorite among coffee lovers for the quality of their selection, friendly service, and ongoing contribution to the community.

CEO Laurie Britton founded Cafe Virtuoso in her garage in 2008, until moving to its current space, which is undergoing cafe expansion. She and her team are passionate about their coffee and share their enthusiasm with all who are willing to listen and participate as well.

Cuppings are available the first Saturday of every month, which allows visitors a chance to experience the process of testing and grading the coffee. If guests are lucky, Savannah, who is in charge of quality control, will lead.

The process of cupping involves sniffing and slurping to get the true essence of the coffee. While you can find similarities between a wine or craft beer tasting, there’s more involved than a novice could ever imagine.

Cafe Virtuoso prides itself on educating on the intricacies of coffee from harvesting to roasting to when it gets poured into a cup and set in front of someone to drink. People can learn about what they like rather than thinking every type of region produces the same cup of coffee or every type of roast is the same.

A training lab is in the works for those who buy coffee wholesale from the cafe to make sure their machinery is up to par, answer questions, and learn how to love and care for coffee the way Cafe Virtuoso does. Britton envisions a viewing window connected to the cafe, a program to create jobs for homeless vets, and making the lab open to anyone who wishes to learn more.

It’s the spirit of business owners like her that keep communities thriving and customers loyal. The craft beer boom seems like it’s becoming old news. Could a coffee culture takeover be up next?

Cafe Virtuoso
1622 National Ave.
San Diego, CA 92113


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