Mardi Paws Hits Old Town Sacramento

Mardi Paws is going to be at Old Town Sacramento

On Saturday, March 4th there will be a party to celebrate not only dogs but all animals. Sacramento will be holding the Mardi Paws event. It will showcase a parade and dogs wearing costumes of the period and strutting their Mardi Gras gear on floats and marching down to the 1849 scene.

Once at the scene, there will be vendors, sponsors, food and drinks to buy. They will also have a play area for the little doggies. All raised funds will be donated to the Front Street Animal Shelter – City of Sacramento!

According to the website, the parade will begin at 11 AM, and the activities will start right after the parade from 12-3 PM. If you do have a pet you would like to participate in the show you will need to visit the registration table and receive a number.

To begin the ceremony you will meet at the corner of Neasham Circle, and Front Street and all animals will need to be in celebratory gear and have all vaccines. Keep in mind that this will be a full event with several people cheering and children with other animals around. If your pet is timid or scares easily, take it into consideration when arriving.

All floats must be manual in operation and registration numbers visible. Please be a responsible pet owner and pick up after your pet. Those participating in the parade can throw fun objects such as candies or Mardi Gras beads. Keep in mind to not use items harmful to the dog or advertisement for your own business. Don’t forget this is a charity event.

For those interested to watch the parade, please remain off the parade route and stay on sidewalk area. Please do not bring bikes, boards, or blades also any loud objects such as horns and whistles that may scare animals.

Mardi Paws is a free event, and donations are welcome. Please read about the Front Street Animal Shelter and consider supporting something that desperately needs the help.

To walk with your dog in the parade, sign up here: