Disney’s Animal Kingdom Debuts Rivers of Light February 17

When the sun falls, the animals awaken under the stars. Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Rivers of Light debuts on February 17.

The all new nighttime show, Rivers of Light blends symbolism and storytelling in an elaborate production. This 15 minute show joins the nighttime expansion at Animal Kingdom. The show combines a visual mix of water, fire, nature and light. Choreographed to an original musical score, this new nighttime show leaves guests inspired by nature’s wonders.

Rivers of Light at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Rivers of Light is an all-new nighttime show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort.  (Kent Phillips, photographer)

The Rivers of Light is the newest nighttime offering at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The theme park added post-sunset adventures on Kilimanjaro Safaris. As the sun sets, animals tend to be more active. With the picturesque backdrop, guests have an opportunity to enjoy animals at sunset. Also, the theme park offers after-dark hours where guests can enjoy rides on many popular rides, like Expedition Everest.

This newest production showcases the beauty and fragility of nature. While powerful animals may roam great distances, all life is interconnected through nature. One action affects another. Each choice makes an impact. The circle of life isn’t a metaphor; it is a reality.

“Disney’s Animal Kingdom is built around the lives of animals, built around the rules of nature, and those rules dictate that as you move between day and night everything changes…and you’re going to want to see that,” said Joe Rohde, Creative Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering. “It all really is summed up by Rivers of Light. In the show, we take this combination of light and water which create life, and out of that comes this fantastically rich explosion of animal life that ultimately rises up and joins the stars.”

Rivers of Light

Rivers of Light is an all-new nighttime show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom  (David Roark, photographer)

Rivers of Light seamlessly balances technological advancement with tender moments. The lights, music and production evokes an emotional response from all the guests. Ending the day with this spectacular show leaves guests feeling connected with the world around them.

The new Rivers of Light nighttime show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom debuts on February 17. It will be performed on selected nights. To check performance schedules, please visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom website.