10 Best Miami Museums

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The Freedom Tower

The Freedom Tower. Photo Credit: Alan Parker, Flickr.com

Miami has a wealth of museums to visit , and we’ve hand picked the 10 best for you.

Miami museums reflect the diverse cultures inhabiting the area. Science, art, swimming, railroad and even collector car museums open their doors. They invite you to step inside and walk along  corridors of imagination.

Whatever intrigues you, there is a museum in the Miami area to get you excited. In the last quarter century, museums have evolved rapidly into interactive experiences. This takes full advantage of the computer age. A visit to modern museums is not just about learning, it’s about taking part in the learning experience.

While visiting Miami area museums, you can view the wonderful work of great artists. You can take a ride on the Polar Express. You can explore galaxies far from earth. You can even walk with dinosaurs. And you can do it all and still get home in time for dinner.

So what makes visiting a Miami museum such a unique experience? What magic has South Florida discovered that leaves you with  memories unsurpassed by other metropolitan areas? The secret lies in the diversity of cultures. It also lies in the tropical climate that makes the area so unique.  And it is a secret we reveal in our ranking of the top ten museums in the Miami area.

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