8 Best Burgers in the City of Dallas

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Rodeo Goat

A chaca oaxaca burger from Rodeo Goat. Photo Credit: Yelp

Looking for a great burger? We’ve got the eight best of Dallas for you. 

The city of Dallas is known for a lot of things. Shopping, nightlife, and upscale living are among the chief attractions that Dallas has to offer to its residents. The food in Dallas is also among the best the state of Texas has to offer. As far as food is concerned, Dallas has it all. From Mexican to Italian and on down the list, Dallas is full of delicious culinary attractions all around town.

One good place to start, and one thing Dallas has no shortage of, is great burgers. As one of America’s classic entrees, burgers are the heart and soul of American food fare. No matter how you cook them or dress them, the American cheeseburger always performs in the clutch.

But with so many different burgers to choose from in the Dallas area where do you start?

That’s where we at LocalPov come in. This list is designed to help make that decision a little easier, and give our readers a map of the Dallas burger industry, while also giving you something of a starting point.

So which burgers made our list of the eight best burgers in the city of Dallas? We’ll start things off with a local staple of the Park Cities, with a quirky history.

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