Paid Writing Spots Open For Lifestyle Experts At Local POV

We’re FanSided’s newest local lifestyle site and we’re in need of freelance writers and paid contributors!

Can you list the best pizza joints in your city? How about bars? Would you be able to compile a list of the most romantic dates in your town? Maybe you’re more interested in covering news and events — either way, you’re exactly the kind of cultural expert we’re looking for!

Launched July 5th, Local POV covers all aspects of living in a major metropolitan area. We’re seeking out the best restaurants, bars, concert venues, theatres, festivals, you name it — if it’s happening in the city, we’re on it.

Whereas sites like Yelp or Trip Advisor largely rely on subjectivity from standard patrons, we’re going the opposite route — using local experts to help us cover the culture of America’s cities from the inside.

You’re more familiar with your city than anyone, whether you were born there, grew up there or live there today, and that’s why we want you at Local POV. We want to provide an informative, entertaining and well-written guide to every major metropolitan area in the country.


We’re seeking freelance writers who will come to us with a specific pitch (20 Things To Do In NYC On A Budget, etc), which they will then be offered a flat dollar amount and a deadline for completion. Once terms are agreed upon, the writer will then craft the piece and submit it, where it will then get transferred to and published on the site.

Freelance writers can pitch as many times as they’d like per month. In most situations, freelance writers will create features in the form of lists and rankings.


Our paid contributors are our more regular contributors and will work under the page view revenue model. They can also pitch ideas for flat rates for certain features, in lieu of the page view revenue. Our PC’s are required to publish eight or more pieces per month and have a wider variety of article types at their disposal (features, utility posts, news, etc).

Like freelance writers, paid contributors can pitch and publish as many times as they’d like per month.

Main Cities

  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Detroit
  • Houston
  • Kansas City
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Milwaukee
  • Minneapolis
  • New Orleans
  • New York City
  • Orlando
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • St. Louis
  • Tampa
  • Toronto
  • Washington DC

Don’t see your city listed here? Apply anyways! We’re ready to expand and are willing to add other major metro areas.


Q. Should I apply for freelance or paid contributor?

A. It depends on your goals and how much you’d like to contribute. If you’re interested in completing one or two features per month, freelance is the way to go. If you want to contribute more than that and want the ability to work with more article types and the page view revenue system, paid contributor is for you.

Q. I’m in! Where can I send freelance pitches?

A. You can send freelance pitches to michael.dunlap(at)

Q. I’d like to be able to contribute more regularly. How do I apply to be a paid contributor?

A. To apply as a paid contributor, head over to and make sure to mention Local POV as the site you’re interested in.

If you have any further questions about Local POV and how you can be part of our team, feel free to contact michael.dunlap(at) We’re also live on Facebook and Twitter if you’d like to join us.