SF Food: Yabba Dabba Do! Fred Flintstone and the Paleo Diet

Paleo diet and Fred Flintstone brings a whole new dining experience to San Francisco.

Not since the popularity of Pebbles, Bam Bam and Dino has the Paleo diet been in vogue. Human learning repeats, what is old is new, and in this case, it is the Stone Age.

The pattern food template is that hunter/gatherers selected foods from 90% plant material and 10% animal or 10% plant material and 90% animal!

Do you see it?

There is nothing typical about this diet; it is dependent upon where one lived. Warmer climates have more plant materials: fruits, vegetables, roots, and nuts. Cooler climates have more meats and fish.

As with anything, it is just a concept. We place it in context and allow choice. Food selections that are healthy and wholesome for us may not be for someone else. Harmful substances, drugs, alcohol, nicotine, toxic people, behaviors all have health outcomes as well.

Health and wellness is an entire way of living life. Claims, promises and cure-alls have been floating for millennia. Caveman foods work as a lifestyle choice, as do many other choices. The difficulty comes in making consistent, positive selections that take one to the goal; whatever that goal may be for the person.

Are you curious? If you wish to try Paleo food in San Francisco here are some wonderful and fun choices.

Fred Flintstone has it right. Yabba Dabba Do!

To your health, enjoy!


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Jason, Hasnain, and Vijay created TAVE KITCHEN on a straightforward premise. Through food, present the tastes of South Asia and succeed in causing happiness! By bringing together their exceptional blend of ideas, spices, and vitality, these college friends provide food that conveys a zest and zing to life! Discover TAVE KITCHEN between Natoma and Minna Streets at 163 2nd St, San Francisco, CA 94105 financial district. Phone number (415) 543-8282

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