San Francisco: The food capital of the West Coast

Foodie travel is a big deal, with so many cities in the United States worth a visit. When it's time to head out west, San Francisco is the number one city to add to the list.

Night view in San Francisco
Night view in San Francisco / Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

There are many cities throughout the United States that are central to any list of foodie cities. When it comes to traveling to the West Coast, San Francisco is one locale that can’t be avoided if you’re looking for great food experiences. Multiple outlets recognize San Francisco as one of the top food cities in the world, and it deserves to be recognized as the food capital of the West Coast.

Back in 2018, Bott and Co did a study looking at the top foodie cities throughout the world. This report found that there are 60 different cuisine types located in this California city. Think about that. Sixty different types of foods from cultures around the world, all available within one area. That made it the tenth most diverse food scene behind New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles as the only other American cities in the top ten.

Everything from American, Honduran, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, and much more are available in San Francisco. Yes, this report was done five years ago, but that still rings true for those who both live in SF and frequent the city for travel. For example, El Buen Comer, Turntable, San Tung, and many more adorn a list that includes nearly everything you could look for when it is time to dine.

When it is time to travel, food should be one of the main points on your itinerary. That is especially true when going out west and heading to San Francisco. With so much to offer, it’s easily understood why San Francisco is considered the food capital of the West Coast.

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