Giselle Miami is the newest restaurant in the city demanding your attention

Giselle Miami is a new restaurant in Miami Florida sitting atop the popular E11even, one of the most-frequented clubs in the city.
Miami Landmarks Light Up In Blue And Yellow In Solidarity With Ukraine
Miami Landmarks Light Up In Blue And Yellow In Solidarity With Ukraine / Joe Raedle/GettyImages

Miami, Florida is recognized as one of the most popular cities in the United States. Whether it’s the beach, luxurious nightlife, pool parties, or more – there’s always a reason to travel to this city. Excellent restaurants are another option and Miami has more than its fair share. With so many different cuisine styles available, there’s something for everyone. Giselle Miami stands out as one of the top new additions to the city’s restaurant list.

Let’s get straight to the top when talking about Giselle Miami. The restaurant sits atop the uber-popular E11even, the 24-hour “ultra club,” that attracts visitors from across the world. This is a type of nightclub that one would see in a movie and lives up to every bit of the hype. Some of the musical acts with residencies at E11even include Deadmau5, Snoop Dogg, and others with multiple more stopping by for performances or to just take in the evening.

Giselle Miami is a new addition to the club, offering the food and drink necessary to truly make it a 24-hour location. Customers enter the location via a private elevator to the indoor-outdoor patio that includes a retractable roof. The area is capable of accommodating someone taking a special person out on a date or looking to celebrate a birthday or some other advancement in their life.

The menu features a diverse set of options both within the seafood and steak fare. Appetizers include the Caviar Bump, Seafood Tower, Antonius Siberian 5-Star, and much more. For seafood lovers, the menu includes the Flaming Lobster Thermidor, Mediterranean Branzino, Crispy Whole Snapper, and others. The steaks include the 10-ounce Prime Skirt Steak, 8-ounce Filet Mignon, and the 14-ounce NY Strip. There are even international options such as the Japanese four- or eight-ounce steak or the Flaming Australian Wagyu Tomahawk.

A full bar is available for anyone looking to take in their favorite mixed drinks. There are also unique options available such as Head Over Heels, 11:11 Wish, Make Me Blush, and much more. With bottle and table service also on site, there are several ways to get the best drinks available.

There are so many places worth visiting every time you go to Miami, Florida. E11even will be on your list but include Giselle Miami as the restaurant of choice and make it an all-day affair.

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