The top three party cities in the United States, 2023 edition

Looking for a great night out? That is an easy problem to solve when you are living in one of these major cities throughout the United States.
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The nightlife world is an industry that will not go away. Whether it is a popular bar, club, hookah lounge, pool party, or more – there will always be money to make when it comes to having a great night out. A robust nightlife is a major attraction for several large cities throughout the United States, but some stand out compared to others. These are the top three cities to visit if you’re looking for the best clubbing and party experiences around.

Bonus Finder did some considerable research to find the top ten best party cities in the United States. This is an intriguing list that is worth diving into and an excellent starting point for this conversation. Here are three standouts that deserve recognition.

Miami / Miami Beach, Florida

This may be cheating, but Miami and Miami Beach are coming in as a combined location for the top spot. Yes, they are two different areas with two quite different vibes – but when you travel to Miami for your summer vacation be sure to take in both areas to experience the two sides of the same coin.

Start your excursion with Miami Beach, enjoying some of the views on South Beach and of course taking a dip. But don’t make that your entire trip. Venture out to Wynwood and Brickell for other experiences within Miami. There are great clubs and restaurants outside of Miami and you’re getting a more authentic experience at the same time. Miami is much more than just South Beach and with so much to offer it is understandable why it is one of the top party cities in the country.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin City. With a name such as that, it’s easy to understand why Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the top cities for partying in the country. It has everything. Massive nightclubs. Packed pool parties. Multiple casinos. Great restaurants and buffets. Speakeasies. There’s something for everyone here. While it is easy to get overwhelmed with everything in Vegas, with the right level of planning this is a city that you and either a group of friends or significant other can enjoy. Just be sure to go at a time when it’s not blazing outside. The temperatures can get exceptionally hot, which can make things a bit difficult to enjoy.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Everyone knows about New Orleans for Mardi Gras. February and March are always hectic times in this city, as thousands upon thousands of people travel for nights of wild partying. It’s a city that can quickly become rowdy, especially as people crowd onto the streets to walk from one location to the next. But you can also enjoy New Orleans if you’re looking for a more “realistic” experience which includes many different venues playing jazz and other styles of music. Mix this in with some excellent food to start out the night and it’s easy to see how New Orleans is one of the most popular nightlight cities in the country.

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