Rooftop bars and restaurants are all the rave during summertime

Rooftop bars and restaurants are a popular nightlife attraction with the views customers love.

Ocean Eyes, left, and El Diablo cocktails are shown at the PufferFish tiki bar at the Hotel Metro,
Ocean Eyes, left, and El Diablo cocktails are shown at the PufferFish tiki bar at the Hotel Metro, / Mark Hoffman / Milwaukee Journal

Summer kicks off on June 21 and there’s plenty to look forward to in the heat. Hanging out with friends to get drinks and food is one of those activities. But what can you do this season to kick things up a notch, as a famous chef would say? That’s where an illustrious rooftop venue fits into the equation. Adding these types of places to your summertime flow is the perfect move for an enjoyable evening that can remain lowkey or escalate to a party all night.

Rooftop bars and restaurants are all about the experience and ambiance. Often, these venues may not boast the same type of expansive menus as “regular” locations, but that is not what makes them so popular. Today’s nightlife scene is more about the attraction, for better or for worse. Rooftop venues can create some of the best views that are perfect for social media addicts frequenting the nightlife scene.

The setting that rooftop venues offer makes it a type of location where customers are prone to hang out longer. This works for the business because customers that stick around longer tend to spend more money. That time grows when venues offer unique food and drink options, which many locations are doing so through theme specific menus.

Finding a rooftop venue that offers a party atmosphere may be a bit of a challenge. Some of these venues are featured at the top of hotels, and their goal is to always put the patrons booking rooms first. This means they may not allow loud music after hours or close early. There are plenty of venues that are on the roof with all the expectations of the party lifestyle. Tables, bottle service, VIP, large crowds – they can all be found if you visit the right rooftop venues, but this is an important thought to have when thinking about where to go for the evening.

Do all that you can to enjoy every moment this summer. That includes finding the best venues to spend time with friends, and loved ones, or even out on your own. Add rooftop venues to your list, you’ll appreciate the views and experiences along the way.

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