Three new restaurants in Washington D.C. to check out

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Every major city has a unique dining experience, often mixing local cuisine with the offerings of cultures from others that have populated the city. Washington D.C. is the same. The city and the surrounding area feature a diverse range of food options that includes American, Peruvian, Mexican, Cuban, Ethiopian, and many more. This list looks at three new restaurants that have recently opened that must be on your list to visit.


D.C. has a wealth of restaurants tailored to African cuisine, featuring several different types of food from all over the great continent. Hedzole is one of the newest additions to the list, with a cuisine that is packed with West African flare. The menu includes authentic dishes such as stewed oxtail, fried plantains, goat curry, and much more.


Vera is a Lebanon and Mexican amalgamation that creates a unique flare across the menu. The menu features plates of various sizes that can be used for sharing or individual entrees. Some of the standouts on the menu include Fattoush Tostadas, Samak Bizri, and Lamb Birria. The cocktail list at Vera is very straight forward, not featuring many different drinks with local inspirations, but staples that any can enjoy.

The Saga

Located at 1190 22nd Street Northwest, The Saga is the perfect restaurant for those looking to add to their rotation of Latin-inspired menus. Even the tagline on the company website makes it clear what the location is trying to do “Spain meets Latin America” is the way this venue describes itself and will be exactly what the public says as well. The Saga really shows off a diverse menu across breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And don’t forget a cocktail menu that shines with both unique drinks and an expansive list of options local to both Spain and throughout Latin America.