The Top 20 Seafood Restaurants in Florida

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Seafood, Florida

Yelp/Mindy D.

20. Cubs Crawfish — Pensacola

There are not many people who will give two thoughts about West Pensacola, a place that has a strange mixture of suburban and southern rural charm.

But tucked away on the two-lane Lillian Highway is a coral blue house that is home to Cubs Crawfish, one of the best seafood restaurants on the Panhandle that has the flavor of the Gulf Coast wafting through its menu.

Here within this small building, you will find the Gulf Coast specialty, the crawfish, cooked with the same flavor and love as you will find in any Gulf Coast seafood shack. Come to think of it, a shack will be the correct word for this place, but it’s a shack that cooks Gulf Coast seafood like no other in Pensacola.

11125 Lillian Hwy.
Pensacola, FL 32506 
(850) 456-7551

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