10 Best Mexican Food Restaurants in Phoenix

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Taco Guild

A trio of tacos from Taco Guild. Photo Credit: Yelp

Which Mexican restaurants land on our 10 best of Phoenix?

Living in the southwest provides no shortage of great Mexican food, however there are several spots in particular that should definitely make your lista de cubo (bucket list). Whether you prefer something Americanized or something more authentic, you can definitely find whatever it is you are looking for.

While pregnant with my son all I craved was Mexican food, so I had nine months of experimenting with every Mexican joint in a 50-mile radius to satisfy my cravings. This compilation includes a mixture of counter service and fine dining, but they all have the same things in common: great service, a genuine experience, and deliciously crafted dishes.

You can tell a place really shines when not only is their signature dish a hit, but they are also spot on with any number of other menu items as well. Bring your appetite and chow down on this list that provides a variety of price points and styles for your intimate date night or boisterous family outing.

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