Three steps to having a great New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is a major holiday with many people out partying and these are three steps to take if you want to ensure you bring in the New Year in fashion.
New Year's Eve in Times Square in New York City
New Year's Eve in Times Square in New York City / Gary Hershorn/GettyImages

That sound you hear is the rest of 2023 hastily ticking away. We are a few short days away from yet another 12 months passing by, marking the start of 2024. People are scrambling to make plans for New Year’s Eve, with many more perfectly accepting to hang out on the couch. But for those looking to go out that evening, NYE is a big night of fun and partying – at a cost. If you’re looking for something to do, take these steps when planning your evening to make things much easier across the board.

Start Early

New Year’s Eve is an exceptionally popular holiday. It’s one of the few days where the majority of the populous have the next day off, making it the perfect evening for a fun night out watching the clock tick down to midnight. But do not make the big mistake of waiting until the last minute to make plans. If you’re in a major city like Washington, DC, Los Angeles, New York City, or others – the most popular places are either already booked or require major deposits to get a table. Take the time to start early and have options when looking around for an excellent restaurant, a ticket to a show, or if you’re planning to attend an event.

Set A Budget

Celebrating New Year’s Eve comes at a high price. Your favorite restaurant may demand a three-course meal that can easily cost more than $200 per person. The popular club in the city that you usually walk right into every weekend? That place will have a cover charge and a line down the block. If you want to get in, that will come with a hefty price tag and probably an obligation to reserve a table. Setting a budget will help weed out the places offering something to do for NYE. If you feel uncomfortable paying an excessive cost to attend a place that you frequent, then take the opportunity to splurge on a new location. Regardless of the decision, it will cost you a pretty penny.

Lock In Transportation & Lodging

With so many people planning to be out in the streets, lock in your travel plans early. Schedule an Uber. Book a hotel room. Nominate a designated driver. Starting the year with a DUI or a traffic accident is not the best outcome, but it can quickly happen. Avoid that outcome by making plans to travel as a group, splitting the high Uber costs, or reserving a hotel room. Staying safe is an important part of any night out and that is especially important when there are so many people out on the streets.

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