The Beach Comes To Amalie Arena In Tampa

If you’re looking for something to do in Tampa in August and want to beat the summer heat, look no further than the beach in the downtown area.

Want to dip your toes in the sand by the ocean without having to put on sunscreen or worry about getting wet? Then Amalie Arena in the Channelside district of downtown Tampa is the place to be throughout the month of August.

While you can’t actually “dip your toes in the sand” or “get wet,” you can visualize yourself at the beach when at the arena’s newest attraction. It’s a great way to have some fun while not dying from the extreme Florida heat this late in the summer.

The Beach, which opened on August 5th, is a “15,000 square foot immersive environment featuring an ‘ocean’ of 1.2 million recyclable and antimicrobial white balls,” per the arena’s official website. Admission to the event is free, but you have to possess a ticket to get in. Tickets can be purchased online or at the McDonald’s Ticket Office on site and general admission is on a first come, first serve basis.

Tampa Bay Lightning and Tampa Bay Storm owner Jeff Vinik, and his wife Penny have brought this immersive attraction to the area through their foundation, the Vinik Family Foundation, which has been very active in the community since its arrival to Tampa Bay. The designer of this unique piece of art and architecture is the New York-based studio, Snarkitecture, which hosted The Beach in Washington D.C. last summer before coming to Tampa.

“The Beach Tampa transforms the familiar beach experience into a truly unique, visually stimulating and tactile activity. It’s just pure fun. Jeff and I welcome all of Tampa Bay to visit The Beach Tampa and look forward to seeing everyone there,” per Penny Vinik of Amalie Arena.

Within The Beach is a “vast ocean” of 1.2 million recyclable and antimicrobial balls, which are protected with a GermBLOCK solution that provides antimicrobial protection for all guests, a pier, a 75 foot shoreline, a monochromatic beach hut, umbrellas, beach chairs, and a variety of other activities for all those that visit.

This summer’s attraction in Tampa is twice the size of the one in D.C. last year, so there’s extra space to play and have fun while also relaxing in a safe, cool environment.

If you decide to check out The Beach, here are some tips to keep in mind. You may get tired over the course of your visit as moving around in the ocean full of the balls is harder than you think, so be ready to get a good workout. In addition, don’t bring any valuable items into the pit since you might lose them while moving around and it’ll be difficult to retrieve those items. Any lost items can be recovered when The Beach officially closes.

Other than that, the event is free and runs through August 25th.

Do you want to avoid the summer heat and not have to put sunscreen on to go to the beach? Well, The Beach at Amalie Arena in downtown Tampa is for you and when it’s time to leave, you won’t have to worry about drying off or brushing the sand off of your feet. Going to the beach has never been any easier.

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