Elevate Lounge is a Los Angeles club that you must visit

Los Angeles boasts one of the top nightlife scenes in the United States. With so many venues worth checking out, Elevate Lounge is one that has to be on every patron's list.

Los Angeles Confidential Magazine And Mary J. Blige Celebrate The GRAMMYS At Elevate Lounge With
Los Angeles Confidential Magazine And Mary J. Blige Celebrate The GRAMMYS At Elevate Lounge With / Mike Windle/GettyImages

Los Angeles is one of the most popular cities in the United States. Many see it as the bastion of all things entertainment, with many movies and television shows dedicated to its glitz and glamour. LA also boasts excellent nightlife that can include everything from dance spots to locations where you can go to be seen. Elevate Lounge is such a spot, offering the best of both worlds and perhaps one of the top views of the city.

Elevate Lounge sits on the 21st floor at 811 Wilshire Boulevard. That height gives it panoramic views of LA, and when the city is lit up at night it’s one of the top sights to be seen. That alone makes it a venue worth visiting for those traveling to the city and residents alike.

As with many venues in Los Angeles and others throughout the entertainment industry, Elevate Lounge offers bottle service and a guest list for those looking to enjoy the venue without having to stand in line. Bottle packages are available at various prices depending on the night and if any special events are available.

Elevate Lounge is accompanied by Takami Sushi & Robata Restaurant, adding to its flair with a diverse cuisine featuring several strong dishes. The menu includes a variety of sushi rolls, and other options for those looking to satiate their stomach before a night of partying. Set a reservation to ensure you have seating and adequate time before spending the rest of the night drinking and dancing. DJs usually focus on Hip Hop with a mix of classic hits along the way.

The dress code at Elevate Lounge is casual to upscale. That means anything that falls under the “athletic wear” description is especially prohibited. Valet service is available during normal hours for a flat rate of $12.

Los Angeles has several venues worthy of your hard-earned money and time when you want to party the night away. Elevate Lounge must be on your list of venues to visit as it gives you all the aspects that make an excellent nightclub and a view that will take your breath away.

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