Three theme parks to visit for the international traveler

If you're thinking about traveling outside the United States to get your fix on theme parks, these three venues are well worth a stop.
Universal Studios Hollywood Commemorates Arrival Of "SUPER NINTENDO WORLD" With Red Carpet And
Universal Studios Hollywood Commemorates Arrival Of "SUPER NINTENDO WORLD" With Red Carpet And / Rodin Eckenroth/GettyImages

The United States isn’t the only country that boasts exciting theme parks. There are hundreds around the world that theme park fans can enjoy. Some of these parks will boast familiar names and themes, but the enjoyment will be the same. And of course, there are some locations that will be completely unique to the lands where they are found. Break out your passport, and get on your favorite airline, because these theme parks are well worth a visit.

Tokyo Disneyland

If you love Disneyland, then you must go to Tokyo Disney Resort. This is a unique take on the popular theme park, as it features many of the same attractions. What makes this park stand out is that it includes these rides and laces them with flare from cultures tied to the Mediterranean, Arabian, and American peoples.

Tokyo DisneySea is another arm of the park that features its own sea-inspired rides and shows throughout the day. You can pair this to your trip with Tokyo Disneyland and get the best of both worlds during your vacation.

Europa Park, Germany

Europa Park is the largest theme park in Germany. It’s worth a visit because there’s something for everyone, including more than 100 different rides and attractions, and multiple themed areas that are based on various countries throughout the continent. The park features a full resort that allows you to stay on location if you’re looking to make this the central attraction of your trip.

Universal Studios Japan

Ok, the name alone is a give away that Universal Studios Japan is based on the popular theme park in the United States. That’s not a bad thing for anyone looking to make a trip out to see this theme park. But there’s something very special about this location that stands out from any other in the world. Universal Studios Japan is home to Super Nintendo World. Yes, you read that right. This was the first venue to open a portion of the park dedicated to the world’s most famous plumber, Super Mario. Visit recognizable locations from the video game and take in a theme park completely dedicated to an icon on video games.

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