The best US theme parks to visit this summer, 2023 edition

Going to theme parks is a summer pastime that many people enjoy. These are three theme parks that fans of the venues should make it a point to visit this year.
A Look Inside SeaWorld San Diego
A Look Inside SeaWorld San Diego / Daniel Knighton/GettyImages

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to visit both local and major theme parks. The warm weather hitting your face while on roller coasters, food and drink options that are only available at the parks, and plenty of other reasons make theme parks a must-visit for everyone. Looking at everything planned for 2023, these are three theme parks that should be at the top of your list for this season.

Cedar Point: Sandusky, Ohio

Cedar Point is another staple for theme park goers in the United States. If you’re looking to have your heart stopped and stomach flipped on a roller coaster, then Cedar Point is a theme park that you must visit. This venue has 18 roller coasters and some of them are meant to see who is going to be the last person standing at the end of the day. Get dropped 223 feet on Valravn, or ride Steel Vengeance and sit weightless in the air for thirty seconds. Thrill rides may not be enough of a word to describe the attractions at Cedar Point but with more than 70 rides available, there’s something for everyone.

Hersheypark: Hershey, Pennsylvania

Hersheypark is a staple when it comes to discussing theme parks in the United States. This location boasts some of the best roller coasters in the country, but the attractions do not end there. There are also water rides and family rides for those that can’t enjoy the giant coasters. And even beyond that, Chocolate World! You’re almost guaranteed to leave with either a toothache or a stomachache. There’s even a resort new by if you want to take in everything this park has to offer. Hersheypark is a great location if you’re looking for theme parks on the East Coast.

Noah’s Ark: Wisconsin Dells

Noah’s Ark is a great name for what is the largest water park in the United States. Noah’s Ark has more than 50 rides, two massive wave pools, a surfing ride and much more. It has some of the most exciting water rides in the country and is a must-visit location for those that love water parks. While going to Wisconsin for a water park may be a bit of a trip for many, it’s such an expansive venue that almost makes up for everything. Some theme parks boast great water rides, but the amalgamation of offerings at Noah’s Park makes this an easy addition to this list.

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