Four must-visit music venues in the United States, 2023 edition

Live music is a big part to enjoying the summer and these are four music venues that continue to stand the test of time with the biggest acts around.
American Express Presents: Louisville By Jack Harlow For Member Week 2022
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Attending concerts is an amazing experience. Enjoying the performances from the top acts across the music industry brings joy to millions of fans. While the artist and the music are the main parts of the show, concert venues are also an important factor into the equation. There are thousands of concert venues throughout the United States, from major arenas to small, local bars. This list looks at the top five concert venues in the entire country.

Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA

The Hollywood Bowl is an excellent outdoor location for seeing live performances in the United States. This location opened in 1922 and had nearly 18,000 people. The venue comes with a great view of the Hollywood sign and the surrounding California skyline. It is consistently named one of the top places to see a concert, and its longevity of attracting the biggest acts in music continues to reflect that. Performers such as The Beatles, Elton John, Monty Python, and many others have graced the stage. The schedule of concerts remains packed with acts like Gladys Knight, Maxwell, Kiss, and others planned for the remainder of 2023.

The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA

The Fillmore is an important group of music halls located in multiple cities throughout the United States. While there are popular establishments on the East Coast in Philadelphia and Silver Spring, Maryland, The Fillmore in San Francisco, California is considered the best of the group. The building was built in 1912 and was called the Majestic Hall, but a name change in 1954 brought about the brand that’s known today. With ample space to dance, while listening to your favorite artists, The Fillmore is a venue that is a must-hit for any California native or those traveling in the city.

9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.

The 9:30 Club does it all in Washington, D.C. Not only do the top acts like KAYTRANADA make visits to this venue, but the club frequently hosts themed dance parties across various genres and artists like hip hop, ABBA, disco and much more. In 2019 9:30 Club was dubbed the “Venue of the Decade” by VenuesNow. The setup allows for the venue to provide seating in the balcony sections, while also having an open dance floor area for general admission. 9:30 Club features a great mix of well-known acts, and those looking for their breakthrough moment, making it a perfect spot to see an act before they make it big.

Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn, NYC

Brooklyn Steel embodies so many things that make New York City. The building is a former steel fabrication shop and carries that foreboding presence from the outside. But once inside it becomes apparent why this is one of the top music venues in the country. The venue opened back in 2017 and seats approximately 1,800 people. Since that opening, acts like The Pixies, Maren Morris, and the Artic Monkeys have taken to the stage. If you’re looking for somewhere that perfectly fits the need for a giant warehouse for concerts and parties, Brooklyn Steel is here for you.

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