6 Hottest Pokemon Go Spots in Tampa

Pokéstops and rare breeds abound at the hottest Pokemon Go spots in Tampa, including amusement parks and air-conditioned malls.

Eagle Lake Park

Locating a high-level Dratini can be like searching for the Loch Ness Monster, but Tampa locals know that Eagle Lake Park is crawling with Dratini if you’re just willing to make the trek. This has led many Pokémon Go trainers to drive at low speeds through the park to hit stops and nab Dratini. Remember that training and driving is just as bad as texting and driving, not to mention pretty embarrassing in the local news. Get a designated Poke-driver to navigate the roads as you catch ‘em all.

Busch Gardens

Next on our list of Hottest Pokémon Go Spots in Tampa is the famed amusement park that has been blessed with many PokéStops, and they aren’t afraid to use them. Until August 7th, Busch Gardens has provided ‘Team Hubs’ to offer hospitality to Valor, Mystic, and Instinct players wearing their team colors to the park. The lures in the park are almost always set off, and the train and skyride are set for the perfect egg-hatching speed.

Westfield Brandon

When the famous Tampa lightning gets too intense outside, the indoor Westfield Brandon mall is a great spot to relax and catch Psyduck, Slowpoke, and even a flighty Gyrados. Lures are fairly active here, so take a stroll between the carousel and California Pizza Kitchen stops while you shop.

Ballast Point Park

Recent news can attest to the late-night Pokémon tribes meeting to catch ‘em all at Ballast Point Park, but you don’t need to break the law to find some great ‘mon at this hot spot. Players should obey all park rules and show up during the day for some typically good catches like Cuebone, Magikarp, Poliwag, and even Machop. Rumor is that the city of Tampa has requested that Niantic remove the Ballast Point Park PokéStops, so get there while the getting is good.

Winthrop Commons

Winthrop is a major gas-and-go spot to load up on Pokéballs and potions. There are around 20 PokéStops located in this area, usually tagged with lures. You won’t find many rare specimens here, but if you are collecting Pidgeys or Weedles for a lucky egg evolution extravaganza, then this is your spot to rake ‘em in.

Gulfport Pier

Our ‘Little Key West’ of Gulfport takes pride in all things weird and the Pokémon there are no exception. The pier has been reported to reap Onix, Rhyhorn, and Magmar. The pier is a great ‘Poke-crawl’ destination, located in a lively collection of bars, restaurants, and curious shops. Check out Gulfport’s Third Saturday Art Walk for larger crowds, art and food in the streets, and more trainers on the prowl.

Do you have an addition for our list of hottest Pokemon Go spots in Tampa? We’d love to hear what you’ve found in Clearwater, St. Pete, and our surrounding areas in the comments below.