5 Reasons to Stay at The Historic Peninsula Inn in Gulfport

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Historic Peninsula Inn

The Historic Peninsula Inn, Gulfport, Florida
Photo made available by Historic Peninsula Inn & Spa

Welcoming locals, cozy rooms, and a bar named after the resident ghost; the Historic Peninsula Inn provides a beachside weekend stay with a touch of enchantment. Here are five reasons why you should stay there.

1. Gulfport’s Artsy Location

I recently visited The Historic Peninsula Inn in the artistic town of Gulfport, which sits smack-dab between the white-sand Gulf beaches and the bustle of St. Petersburg. The location seemed perfect for exploring the best of Boca Ceiga Bay, but the town itself proved to be the jewel of the trip. The Historic Peninsula Inn anchors the center of Beach Boulevard, Gulfport’s hub for the arts and community events. This is a ‘Main Street, USA’ downtown area that is rarely found in Florida – but with a twist.

Gulfport is one of the most progressive communities in the state, outshining the creepy-clean ‘Stepford Wives’ downtown of Celebration and marina sprawl of Dunedin.  If you want a walkable strip of home-grown art, cafes, and a beach to go with it, Gulfport is your destination. While I visited St. Petersburg for a day and checked out the beaches, Gulfport itself provided enough entertainment and curiosity for the weekend.

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