5 Sensational Seattle Sandwiches

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Now Make Me a Sandwich: Grilled Cheese, Photo Credit: Danny Shaw/Yelp

Craving a sandwich in Seattle? Excellent.

Have you ever found your stomach strongly desiring a sandwich while casually walking through the streets of Seattle? If so, today may very well be your lucky day because boy-oh-boy have you stumbled upon the perfect article.

See that succulent grilled cheese above? Don’t you wish you could have that right now and hold it so delicately in your fingers before indulging in an epic sandwich roller coaster of tastes and emotions?

Well, don’t fret because soon enough you’ll be equipped with the necessary knowledge to find, order, and devour some of the best sandwiches Seattle has to offer.

Prepare to board one of Seattle’s greatest hypothetical rides- the Sensational Sandwich Spotter- and you, my friend, have a front-row seat. Buckle your sandwich seatbelt because hunger levels are about to reach unfathomable levels.

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