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Take a look inside Mendocino College Art Gallery which is a beautiful, wine-country drive to the richly landscaped countryside just outside San Francisco.

Mendocino College is telling a story. We are all storytellers! Take the threads of angst, fear, and torment shared by humanity and transform it into any medium, be it painting, sculpture, movie, or the written word. The healing effect becomes clear.

A grant from the Mendocino College Foundation provided the backing for the show. The display entitled, eXplorations – Paula Gray: taking the X out of anxiety and other stories, comprise constructions and paintings born from the journey in and around anxiety. Gray is sharing her story through these vivid vehicles.


This deep inspiration originated in a dream in which she saw the word ‘anxiety’ lacking the letter ‘X’. From there the instinctive, brutally honest, three-dimensional expose was born. Rooted in truth, the works range from abstract to representational in form.

The show is medicine for the heart. The common theme of anguish and anxiety transmutes to calm and happiness. Individuals will discover the self-directed, powerful messages a natural mystery within each work. The intention is lasting healing. Selected images include:

Red X, Mixed Media, 2016 is a lyrical, three-dimensional X-shaped construct made from cultural bits and pieces. Familiar game parts, toys, railroad signs, and a collage of personal letters from World War II explore the caprice and hope of health in healing anxiety addiction that faces millions of people across the globe.

Biblio Burro, Acrylic on panel with gold leaf, 2016 challenges the observer to make personal connections. The crisp, polished imagery is organically woven into a centering balance of the daily workload. Being of service is one of many stories that come alive as the work speaks to well-being, devotion, and grace.

Paula Gray

The artist is Paula Gray, a name familiar with a reputation for excellence in the community. After a fulfilling 28-year teaching career in visual arts, she retired from Mendocino College. Her creative energies found expression that includes more than 60 pieces of artwork.

Gray’s academic accomplishments involve a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Chouinard Art School in Los Angeles and a Master’s Degree in environmental design from UCLA.

Experientially, she has worked for Walter E. Disney Enterprises, served as a curator for the Museum of Northern Arizona, worked for the Citywide Mural Project in Los Angeles, transitioning to teaching in 1980, and continued her artwork with over 100 exhibitions in her career.

Mendocino College

Mendocino College is a scenic drive up the 101 Freeway from San Francisco. Established in 1973 by the citizens of Mendocino-Lake counties, Mendocino Community College is a public university. The main campus sits on 127 acres in the city center of Ukiah, California. There are two other divisions in Lakeport and Willets. The College serves about 4,000 students, 55 full-time faculty, and 200 adjunct faculty members.

The show is for all ages. It is on display from February 9th through March 26th Gallery hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm or by special appointment. 1000 Hensley Creek Road, Ukiah 95482 Contact or 707.468.3207 for more information.

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