Best Amusement Parks in the San Francisco Area

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Top main attractions cover 6 Bay Area Amusement Parks to discover and enjoy.

Willie Nelson on Pandora, dogs snoring in their beds next to the heater, your coffee cup in hand, and all cozy. Then the kids come in!

They giggle, “If you want to go to on bumper car rides today, raise your hand!”

There are amusement parks from the beach to the just outside the City, from thrill rides to Circus Trees, it is fun to have choices.  No matter where you live in the Bay Area, amusement is close a hand.  Not far from your neighborhood there are six Bay Area amusement parks.

Pick one and make a day of it!

Childrens Fairy Land

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Children’s Fairyland Oakland’s Storybook Theme Park

Nestled in the hills of Oakland, Fairyland is a wonderful park for children less than 10 years of age. Here fantasy and imagination captivate kids with fairy tales, rides, and animals. This smaller, 10-acre size garden park is easy to walk for both parents and children. There are calm amusement rides, featuring Flecto Paint Company Carousel, Jolly Trolly, Wonder-Go-Round, and Anansi’s Magic Web mini Ferris wheel.

Explore the 60 storybook sets including the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship, Old Lady and the Shoe, Dragon Slide, Happy Dragon, Jack and Jill Hill, Willie the Whale, and Alice in Wonderland Tunnel. Discover the Storybook Puppet Theater. The live entertainment puppet shows highlight classic stories and are excellent.

Listen to the Talking Storybook Boxes using the magic key ($3 at the gate). See and learn about the animals at the Fairyland Animal Day and Dr. Doolittle programs. They have rabbits, ducks, Olde English Baby Doll Sheep, chickens, and guinea pigs. Fairyland is available to celebrate your next party.

During the summer they have many magical campout nights, Summer Day Camps, and community education. Since 1950, you can find them at 699 Bellevue Avenue (at Grand) Oakland, CA, phone: 510-452-2259. The usual hours of operation are Friday through Sunday 10 AM to 4 PM weather permitting.


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