20 Best Museums in Phoenix to Visit This Summer

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Large letter postcard of Phoenix, Arizona showing views of the city in each letter, the copy reads ‘Greetings From Phoenix, Arizona’, 1939. A cowboy in the desert is in the background. (Photo by Lake County Museum/Getty Images)

Arizona has no shortage of history, and no shortage of museums — here are the 20 best you can go visit this summer.

The state of Arizona, and the city of Phoenix in particular, is full of so much culture and history. There are plenty of wonderful attractions for tourists to visit while here, however museums may not always be a first thought.

As an Arizona native, I was amazed at how much history was associated with our great state that I have been missing out on. All of these make great options to keep busy during those treacherous summer months where being outside is almost unbearable.

Whether you are visiting for a couple of days or you were born and raised here, you should definitely take the time to explore one or all of these fantastic museums. Not all are centered around Arizona history, though; several explore science, music, and art as well. Regardless, all possess a type of southwestern flair that can only be found in our great state, and more specifically, in the sunny city of Phoenix.

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