10 Restaurants with Bars We Love

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AZ 88

AZ 88
Photo Credit: Meghan Saul

Because sitting at the bar is just more fun, we give you Scottsdale’s 10 best restaurant bars!

After college, I spent time as a bartender and came to the conclusion that bar patrons (and bartenders) have more fun. While servers may be required to maintain a more professional demeanor with tables, often having to stick to a script, bartenders are inevitably given more freedom; better yet, they’re not allowed to leave the bar area, meaning your next drink is continually within arms reach. 

If you’re up for a little adventure, sit at the bar next time you’re out. It’s a fun way to change up an old routine and often, to learn something new. A good bartender curates your experience in a way that is unique to the restaurant and it’s people — making for a more personal experience than is possible while seated at a table. I’ve discovered my very favorite cocktails, side dishes, and condiments both through conversations with bartenders and the ease at which I can eye other guests’ orders.

No matter the occasion, I’m a big fan of sitting at the bar. It adds a lively spin to the typical date night, keeps evenings with friends more interesting, and means you’re never drinking alone – even if you came that way. The array of people in your proximity creates a strangely intimate experience. It’s a stellar practice if you’re new to an area or have had a terribly long day. At the bar, there’s always a chance for a spat of conversation amongst strangers or welcomed interjections from a bartender with wit.

The following list shines light on 10 Scottsdale and Arcadia restaurants with bars that you either already love or need to find yourself at ASAP.

Have a favorite bar that didn’t make it on the list? Please post it in comments.


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